Disagreements are part of any healthy relationship. With @msteinb's permission, I've decided to share a few of ours.
  1. The frequency with which one should shower
    My vote is for daily...max says I'm nagging
  2. The frequency with which one should change his underwear
    See above notes on showering
  3. How much clothes should cost
    I pay for quality! He says his 15 dollar kohls t shirts are quality 😑
  4. The Taylor Swift v Apple saga
    What can I say, Max is passionate about the underdog
  5. The fact that I don't like cheese
    Max, a self proclaimed expert on me, claims that this fact is false.
  6. Ice cream flavors
    To date, this is probably the biggest thing we've ever disagreed on. Sharing a carton of ice cream has never been more difficult.
  7. To be continued...