Ur welcs @joetro22
  1. Clique by Kanye West
    Self explanatory. We are a 2 person clique. Ain't nobody fucking with us
  2. Going out like That- Reba
    Because nothing gets him down. He is literally an eternal well of sunshine and the life of the party, he'd never sit home crying he ain't going out like that 💃🏼
  3. Jhuds singing I am Telling You
    Because he builds me up and makes me feel like I am strong and fabulous and could declare to a man that he's gonna love me or alternatively leave that man cause I don't need him I have Joe and I hope I make him feel the same way
  4. Mama Mia (the show not the movie)
    Cause he's fun and dancy and fabulous
  5. The hungry caterpillar
    Because I've never had a snack in front of Joe that he hasn't tried a bite of but also because he was an amazing person when we became friends 8 years ago and watching him grow and literally transform during college has been incredible and he's an amazing hungry butterfly now and I'm so proud of him
  6. Frida Kahlo-Self Portrait with Monkey
    Because we both share an affinity for Frida and because I want to be the monkey in his shoulder affirming the beauty of his unibrow
  7. the lifetime movie with the girl who goes to college and becomes an alcoholic
    Because in high school joe cemented his place in my heart by imitating the girl discovering her dead roommate shrilly shrieking "shaina" over and over again
  8. the statue of liberty
    Cause just like lady liberty welcomes immigrants to their new home America, it feels like home whenever I'm with joe. He also has an international flair
  9. Landslide-Fleetwood Mac
    The Dixie chicks version is a whole other story but joe hosted fleetwood Friday's in his carpool in high school and I'm never afraid of changing with him because he's been there anytime the landslide brought me down for the last 8 years and I've built my life around him (but in a nice friendy way not the melodramatic way of this song). Getting older's not so bad with this guy around