Inspired by @heatherdawes
  1. All I have to say is "I'm cold" and somehow a blanket appears on my lap
  2. He knows a lot of technical things about cooking
    Whereas I, on the other hand, struggle to make grilled cheese
  3. He tells me I'm prettier than my sister even though my sister is The Pretty One™
  4. He gives me nontraditional compliments, like that my nose is cute or that he likes the way I painted my nails
  5. He supports and encourages my dream to be an writer
    Thus accepting that the majority of our future financial burden is on his own shoulders
  6. He loves Disney/Pixar movies
    Wreck it Ralph and Tangled are among his favorites
  7. He lets me pluck his eyebrows
  8. He likes softball and still comes with me to my former team's tournaments, even though I've aged out
  9. His parents are Polish immigrants
    Foreign guys, amirite?
  10. Even after all this time, he thinks I'm too good for him, and treats me as such
    Spoiler alert: he's definitely too good for me