Living in Europe and traveling to Morocco have taught me that I am skilled in the art of bartering prices
  1. Determine if it is appropriate to haggle prices in the particular shop you are in
    In the US, it's almost never appropriate, unless you're at a yard sale. In Morocco, it's basically always expected. In Europe, it can vary by location
  2. Decide the maximum you will pay for a specific item
    This is an absolute max. Anything over this you consider a rip-off
  3. Ask the vendor how much the item costs
    You may be surprised at how cheap it is. Still try to haggle down. If it is far too expensive, you can still try to barter, but don't budge from your max price
  4. Respond with a low value
    Some people suggest 50% of the vendor's asking price. It really depends on the item. Whatever you do, be firm. Offer your counter as a statement, not a question
  5. The vendor will bring his price down a bit. Then you bring yours up
    Continue until you decide on a price no higher than your max
  6. If you have exact change, physically show the vendor the amount of money you want to spend
    It is very difficult to turn down money that is literally being handed to you
  7. If you do not have exact change, keep your money in your wallet until the sale is final
    It is very difficult to get something for 15 if you're waving around a 20
  8. If the vendor refuses to drop to your max price, WALK AWAY
    You decided what it was worth to you. Don't go against your gut. Often, the vendor will literally run after you and agree to your price if he knows he's about to lose a sale
  9. Breathe a sigh of satisfaction
    You either made a good purchase or succeeded in not being ripped off. Either way, you're a winner