1. The outpouring of love for @biz has been incredibly moving
  2. Lists in her memory have completely taken over an entire app, which says so much for the community we foster here
  3. Since hearing the news, I read many of her old lists and their comments
  4. While most listers had many positive things to say, there were others who were downright mean to her
  5. It's unbelievable to see commemorative lists full of love and flowery language written by listers who recently called her a bitch
  6. Some people disagreed with Biz's opinions
  7. And we need disagreements and differences in opinions here, but we need them in a respectful way
  8. Without name-calling. Without insulting. Just discussions
  9. We don't realize the power our words have
  10. It's unlikely that a single nasty comment sent Biz over the edge or that a single kind comment could have saved her
  11. But I don't know that for sure
  12. When we interact with others—in person or on the internet—we have to remember that we have NO IDEA what they are going through
  13. We have to remember that we're all just human
  14. We have to remember to be kind