Inspired by @BWN_7 Based on how likely it is I will answer an unexpected call
  1. Boyfriend
    Rarely calls without first asking if I'm available to talk. An unexpected call means either super bad news or super good news.
  2. Little sister
    Lives with me. Therefore never calls just to talk. A call from her = emergency.
  3. Any member of @squad
    Since I live an average of 9 hours from each of them, I'm guessing I wouldn't be their first contact in case of emergency. Likely cause of call: boy drama or boredom.
  4. Dad
    Usually only calls to ask why Mom isn't answering her phone.
  5. Mom
    Sometimes calls me while grocery shopping just to say that my sister's boyfriend liked another girl's Instagram post. I'm pretty sure I've never received a phone call from her that couldn't wait until she got home.