1. READ: Lady Chatterly's Lover
    A romance novel by D.H. Lawrence. Boring— written in a very flowery 1920s style and only like two things happened the whole book.
  2. READ: The New Answers Book
    By Ken Ham. A book explaining how creationism and science actually fit together, and evolution is not as scientifically sound as most people think.
  3. READ: When it Happens
    A teenage love story by Susane Colasanti. 310 pages, but a quick read. Finished in one night. Made me feel like a high school freshman again.
  4. READ: Gone Girl
    This was one of those books that—once you've read the last page—you hold in your hands, staring at it, wondering what the heck the author just did to you. Definitely in the top 5 books I've ever read. I even wrote a whole list about it: SENTENCES FROM "GONE GIRL" THAT MAKE ME JEALOUS AS A WRITER
  5. READ: the first 2 chapters of Treasure Island
    On my bookshelf for years. Never read it.
  6. EDITED: a writing buddy's first chapter of a new story
    He graduated with a degree in engineering, but I think our English department really missed out.
  7. EDITED: @miathurber's devotional
    She's sending it to publishers soon 🎉
  8. EDITED: almost 150 articles for The Odyssey
    Unpaid internship. The lack of commitment and writing skill from my writers was surprising. TERRIBLE SENTENCES I'VE SAVED FROM NEAR-DEATH ; TERRIBLE SENTENCES I'VE SAVED FROM NEAR-DEATH, PART 2 ; SENTENCES I'VE SAVED FROM NEAR-DEATH, PART 3
  9. WROTE: 14 articles for The Odyssey
    Still unpaid.
  10. WROTE: 10,000 words of my novel
    Majorly disappointing, considering I had hoped to finish the novel this summer. Procrastination is real, kids.