1. It's so warm!
    Like 70 degrees
  2. I live in Spain!
    Really, how cool is that? I think sometimes I forget how lucky I am.
  3. I'm traveling Europe!
    Outside of Spain, I've been to London, Rome, Paris, and am planning on Portugal and Morocco as well
  4. My second class of the day got cancelled!
    So I'm free for the rest of the day
  5. I wore a sports bra and tshirt to class!
    I forgot how freaking comfortable this is. Especially when you're sweating from your 30-minute walks to and from school
  6. My boyfriend and I are going to counseling!
    Our counselor is amazing, and we are both super dedicated to working things out
  7. I'm going to Disney World!
    T-minus two months
  8. I downloaded a Disney playlist!
    Perfect for the walk home from school. It's never too early to prepare
  9. I have the actual best friends in the world!
    @squad is the group of friends I've dreamed of my entire life
  10. I have so much free time!
    Which I know I'm not using to its full potential, but hey this is probably the last time in my life I'll be able to take a siesta every day
  11. Only one more year of college!
    Definitely not terrified at all
  12. I get to take yoga next semester!
    In the brand new yoga studio
  13. My earliest class next semester is 10am!
  14. I have two boxes of dark chocolate and gingerbread bark thins that I'm finally going to break into today!
    Your tongue doesn't know happiness until you've tried one
  15. My Spanish has improved so much!
    I think two to three months is definitely the point when you start to notice this
  16. The puppers!
    Rocky and Luna, my host family's little dogs, are amazing and I love them and they love me
  17. There are enough good things in my life to write a list about!