Requested by @hannah_rachel
  1. Here we are. The final week of the semester. Three glorious weeks of no school work, here I come.
  2. Maybe I'll finish reading Jane Eyre.
  3. Probably not. It's like 600 pages long.
  4. But I'll try my darnedest.
  5. What was I talking about?
  6. Oh, right, finals.
  7. Okay so like everyone is super stressed out and busy and whatnot. They're saying finals week is the busiest time of the semester.
  8. But for me, the opposite is true. You know why?
  9. No papers to write.
  10. To projects to finish.
  11. No speeches to give.
  12. Just tests.
  13. And I can take tests. If 12 years of public schooling has prepared me for anything, it's taking a test.
  14. The worst part of finals week has been getting up for an 8AM final. Like, I haven't gotten up this early all semester.
  15. And now I'm expected to take a test at 8AM?
  16. Anyway, Messiah does this cool thing called the midnight scream.
  17. Everyone opens their window or goes outside at midnight and shrieks at the sky for like a minute.
  18. Which is actually super cool.
  19. Unless you're trying to sleep because you have A FINAL AT 8AM!
  20. 7 second version: Finals week is not that stressful. Also, I don't like getting up early.