1. I wholeheartedly believe that women can do any job men can do
  2. Women are undoubtedly as intelligent as men
  3. And I was raised by parents who ALWAYS told me that I can do anything I put my mind to
  4. But today, my parents were talking about their new lawyer. My dad said, "We are going to see her tomorrow."
  5. And I said, "Oh, your lawyer's a her?"
  6. I didn't mean anything negative by my comment. If my parents chose her, I'm sure she's a fantastic lawyer. Probably even better than her male colleagues, for this case
  7. But for some reason, when I heard my dad's statement, my first reaction was to be a little surprised that she is a woman
  8. But why? It certainly wasn't conscious
  9. There is something wrong with the system
  10. There is something in my subconscious—in our collective subconscious—that still tells us that women aren't quite equal to men
  11. If a strong woman who believes in gender equality was even the tiniest bit surprised at a female lawyer, there is a problem
  12. I can't pin it down, exactly
  13. But, even in 2016, something is still very wrong