1. My dream is to be a novelist
  2. After I graduate college (T-minus 2 years!) I want to write books in my adorable-yet-functional tiny house with my husband and my pet skunk, Luna
  3. And if this is my dream, I should be writing now. Like, all the time
  4. Alas, I just don't have the time!
    Or, this is what I tell myself
  5. However, now that classes are over, the summer seems like the perfect time to begin this quest toward published authorship
  6. Except I have two awesome internships this summer!
  7. But then-PLOT TWIST-one internship fell through!
    The paid one, of course
  8. So now I have a 10 hour per week unpaid internship, which should theoretically leave me with a butt load of free time
  9. So far, I have not been a great steward of this time
    (Granted, I've only been out of school for a week)
  10. So I have made a decision
  11. I can dedicate 20 hours a week to my writing
  12. I have informed my family that I will be at work from 9am-1pm, Monday-Friday
  13. During that time, I will be dedicating myself to my novel
  14. No phone
  15. No chores
  16. Just writing
  17. If I want writing to be my job in the future, I need to start treating it as such now
  18. Wish me luck
  19. See you on the other side, ListApp