Requested by Hannah


  1. Seeing beautiful sights from the plane
  2. Experiencing a smoggy, loud, crowded city
  3. Eating dinner during a blackout
  4. Sharing the gospel with the poorest part of Lima
  5. Giving my testimony
  6. Visiting a tiny, rural church in the mountains where no gringo has ever stepped foot
  7. and trying not to fall off the mountain
  8. Bonus picture because wow
  9. Playing with the adorable Peruvian children
  10. and considering adopting them
  11. Teaching lessons on values
  12. and signing autographs because we are celebrities down here apparently
  13. E A T I N G
  14. Seeing so. Many. Stray. Dogs.
  15. Spending time the beautiful Parque de Amor in Miraflores
  16. Translation: "The sound of love is as intense as the sea."
  17. Touching the Pacific Ocean for the first time
  18. Visiting the archeological site of an ancient temple
    Used for sacrificing young girls to the rain god
  19. Spreading hope in an orphanage
    No pictures, per government regulations
  20. Leaving!
    This trip has been incredible, but I'm so ready to sleep on an actual mattress and shower without fear of getting water in my mouth and eat a solid American bacon cheeseburger