Please hear me out. I want to know what I'm missing.
  1. This November will be my first time voting in a general election
    Like many other li.sters, I assume
  2. And I've tried to justify voting for Hillary, but I can't
  3. Her views on nearly everything are just so incredibly opposite of mine, that I can't reconcile supporting her
    I realize that some of you have views that DO line up with hers. You guys can vote for her then. But I can't
  4. So, my option is to vote for Trump
    Because, as @Lindi mentioned in a recent, a 3rd party vote is essentially no vote at all
  5. HOWEVER, there is an astounding amount of hate on social media directed at Trump. I've seen "racist" and "sexist" thrown around over and over and over and over
  6. But I haven't seen any real facts to back up these claims
  7. I want to understand. I want to go to the polls as educated as I possibly can be
  8. I want to have this discussion here, because has so many well-spoken, educated users with different views
  9. I am a woman. I have multiple hispanic family members (Peru, Colombia, and Puerto Rico). Believe me when I say that I don't want a sexist or racist president
  10. But I follow politics, and I honestly haven't heard anything blatantly sexist or racist come out of Donald Trump's mouth
  11. Obviously, Trump is outspoken and non-PC. Obviously, he has conservative ideas and policies. None of those facts make him inherently sexist or racist
  12. Can someone provide specific quotes or videos or links that support these claims against Trump?
  13. Thank you