Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was born in a hospital in Maryland where I had to stay for 4 days because I had breathing problems.
  2. I've lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, and I've never been out of the US.
    To change next year when I study for a semester in Granada
  3. My parents made us play outside a lot and also encouraged imagination over technology, which are basically the best ways to make sure your kid has a great childhood.
  4. I started playing softball before I can remember (I stopped when I aged out at 18), and I was a pitcher and captain on my travel team.
  5. Middle school was the most awkward time ever; its only redeeming quality was my 7th grade English teacher who solidified my desire to become an author.
  6. In high school I met and fell in love with my boyfriend.
    Who will soon be my fiancé
  7. I decided one day when I was 16 that despite my lack of musical ability, I should buy a ukulele and teach myself how to play.
    This venture was successful, leaving me with exactly one musical talent
  8. Out of the 19 colleges I applied to, I chose Messiah College, which is arguably one of the best decisions of my life.
    In contrast, applying to 19 schools in the first place is one of the worst decisions of my life
  9. In the first month of college, I met the three best friends I've ever had in my life, and they are such blessings.
  10. I am currently at Messiah studying English with a Spanish minor, hoping to reach my goal of becoming an author.