Inspired by @DavidRobson
  1. 14.
    Do the Moo Shoo
    Not silly, just stupid. Literally just Larry and Lunt reading a Chinese menu
  2. 13.
    The Hairbrush Song
    Good story, classic tune, but overplayed
  3. 12.
    The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
    I've never been to Boston in the fall, either
  4. 11.
    The Song of the Cebú
    "Achoo moo moo achoo moo moo achoo moo moo achoo moo moo achoo moo moo achoo moo moo moo moo"
  5. 10.
    The Water Buffalo Song
    Definitely silly. Effective interruption by Archibald. I wish I could rank it higher, but there is tough competition
  6. 9.
    The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps
    "But if I sing to your pregnant kitty, she will feel better in a day or two."
  7. 8.
    I Love My Lips
    "Your friends all laughed... Usta?"
  8. 7.
    His Cheeseburger
    About a deep, emotional attachment to a cheeseburger. I can relate
  9. 6.
    Larry's High Silk Hat
    The chocolate! The heat! The hat! So intense. On the edge of my seat every time
  10. 5.
    The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas
    "Pretty much just meat." I appreciate this song because it always reminds me of Christmas, and I'm dating a Polish man
  11. 4.
    Oh, Santa!
    Christmassy with a good lesson on sharing, topped off with an IRS joke for the parents
  12. 3.
    Sport Utility Vehicle
    Just a couple of vegetables bonding over their SUVs. No big deal
  13. 2.
    Endangered Love
    "I'll take you to the ball, Barbara Manatee!"
  14. 1.
    The Dance of the Cucumber
    Classic Bob/Larry interaction. A Disney reference. Half sung in Spanish. There's not much more you could ask for