1. No television in your bedroom
    If you want to watch TV, come to the family room
  2. Respect women
    Especially for my son. I better not ever hear you refer to a woman as an object, a sexual plaything, or anything less than an worthwhile human being
  3. If I catch you watching porn I will smash your computer with a hammer
  4. You can learn how to wash your own clothes, dishes, and bathroom
  5. Whatever you did, just tell me. You get in trouble once you lie about it
  6. No cell phones at the table
  7. I don't care what grades you get as long as you're working as hard as you can
  8. I can't make you believe in God's word, but I can make you hear it
  9. Do not try to pit your father and me against each other. We are a united front
  10. LOVE