1. So remember in like 2003 when tamagotchis were a thing?
  2. Well my friend Natalie and I were in elementary school and we super into them
  3. Collectively, we had like 12 tamagotchis
  4. Other kids in our school also had tamagotchis, but usually only one each
    Natalie and I had navigated our way to the top of the elementary school hierarchy due our proliferation of the virtual creatures
  5. The tamagotchis would glitch sometimes, but due to our experience with the pixelated pets, Natalie and I usually knew how to fix them
  6. So at recess, we sat at a picnic table on the playground, and other kids would bring us their broken tamagotchis
  7. "Bring us your frozen, your beeping, your hungry toys you're unable to feed."
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  8. And that's how we became the tamagotchi doctors
  9. (Here are all the tamagotchis I was able to dig up from my closet)
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