1. Let me just start off by saying that this list is NOT about whether people should be allowed to choose their bathroom
    I don't want to have that argument
  2. This list is about defining the problem
  3. Because a lot of people think that you should be required to use the bathroom that aligns with your biological sex
  4. Often, the people that believe this are called transphobic
  5. But most of the time this is simply not true
  6. They're NOT afraid of transgender people
  7. They don't think a trans person will rape their daughter
  8. They don't think a trans person will take inappropriate videos of them
  9. They're afraid of the predators!
    Typically cis men (though, I suppose, not always)
  10. Because predators DO rape, molest, and spy
  11. And under many new laws, a cis male predator can enter a female bathroom by saying he believes he's a woman
  12. And THAT'S what people are afraid of
  13. Currently, there is no good solution to this issue because there are ridiculous people on both sides
  14. But before we can solve anything, we have to understand where both sides are coming from