My commute to school is 2 hours roundtrip, and I can only stand so many of Elvis Duran's phone taps and Justin Bieber's butchering of perfectly great songs, so I took up audiobooks. I've done Water for Elephants (which was perfect), and I'm finishing All the Light We Cannot See (which is a little heavier than I'm looking for).
  1. Something from childhood
    I listened to The Horse and His Boy (from the Chronicles of Narnia) on the flight to Chile and it was exactly what I needed
    Suggested by @hannah_rachel
  2. I love listening to any non-fiction audio book written and read by Simon Winchester.
    He's a geologist by training and has great books about oceans and volcanos and earthquakes and places (which he makes quite interesting), but this one (above) might be a good general non-fiction gateway listen? Plus, he's British and has a wonderful reading accent. I've listened to probably six of his books without disappointment. But: Non-fiction!
    Suggested by @andersun
  3. Any autobiography by comedian.
    They brighten your spirits
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme