@steph_lessthan3 @hannah_rachel @miathurber I was gonna just make this list in the group chat, but then I remembered... We literally have an app for that
  1. Bikini 👙
    Bc water skiing and wave runners
  2. Life jacket 🏊🏼
    In case of any unfortunate accidents on aforementioned water equipment
  3. The quotebook notebook📓
    Because there are bound to be plenty of hilarious moments
  4. Sunscreen🌞
    For @miathurber's overly-sensitive skin
  5. Dutch Blitz🃏
  6. A lot of cash 💵
    For luau murder mystery decorations, going out to eat, and inevitable other activities
  7. Cell phones📱
    To document our adventures
  8. Floppy hats 👒
    So we can all match @miathurber while she guards her beautiful face from those UV rays
    Suggested by @hannah_rachel