Requested by @hannah_rachel
  1. SPAIN!
    This is the building I'm taking classes in!
  2. And the old buildings are so beautiful!
    This cathedral gets me every time
  3. But unfortunately, I am not doing okay
  4. My host parents are lovely, and I know a couple very nice girls here from my home university. And I love love love the language and getting to hear and speak it every day
  5. But damn I just want to be home
  6. And I feel so guilty because this is such a unique and special (and not to mention expensive) experience. But all I've been able to look forward to is the day I get on the plane to go back home
  7. I miss my family and my friends and my boyfriend, of course
  8. And I miss my bed and my yard and my dog
  9. But it's deeper than that. My heart literally, physically hurts most of the time
  10. I've been talking with my counselor from home, and I'm getting medicine for my anxiety
  11. But this isn't fun, guys
  12. Sorry @hannah_rachel, this list took such a turn 😬