Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Something I, unfortunately, hadn't really thought much about until this List App drama happened
  2. Now, though, I have had the chance to consider how I feel about this issue.
  3. I think the term white privilege is a bit misleading, and I think that could be what's causing some of the differences in opinion
  4. The word privilege makes it seem like white people are getting a free ride, an easy trip, an uncomplicated life. This perception of the term white privilege, in most cases, isn't true.
  5. The problem isn't that white people are given too much opportunity, understanding, etc. The problem is that minorities are not given enough.
  6. Therefore, I think the term "white privilege" is inaccurate.
  7. Racism is real. Bigotry is real. Prejudices are real. (All of which are usually against people of color.)
  8. The problem IS NOT how white people are treated. The problem IS how people of color are treated.
  9. So let's stop talking about how we can take opportunities away from white people, and instead talk about how we can provide opportunities to people of color.
  10. Thank you to the wonderful users of List App for starting such a controversial yet necessary dialogue!
  11. (Everything I've said in this list is just in general. For example, white people are generally not given too much opportunity, but sometimes they are. And bigotry is generally directed at people of color, but sometimes it's not.)
  12. (Also, this list made a lot of sense in my head, and it wasn't until I started attempting to write it that I realized how complicated it is to put into words. White privilege is a difficult issue, and this list is just one opinion on it.)