A response to @aubreywhy and inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. @aubreywhy's list is 100% accurate. I hold back politically on li.st because my views don't always align with those of most listers
  2. My friends on li.st feel the same way. In fact, they congratulate me and are surprised when I post a li.st that reveals my Christian values or right-leaning political views
  3. Righties have to be very, VERY careful when they post political lists
    They must choose precisely the right language and be sure to give the left the benefit of the doubt, or risk facing the wrath of so many listers
  4. However, lefties are not held to the same standard when posting political lists
    They are free to throw hate towards righties, Trump supporters, Christians, or police officers—often cursing or using abusive language. And they rarely receive pushback
  5. @aubreywhy's list is so important, because so many of us feel this way but are afraid to speak up
  6. I love li.st. It truly is a fun, diverse community
    And it's already much better than other social media in many ways, but it could stand to be a bit more accepting to those without liberal views
  7. The comments on Aubrey's list really gave me hope
  8. They revealed other listers who share my sentiments
  9. They also revealed listers, like @amieshmamie and @Boogie, who don't quite share my beliefs but are still respectful. As it should be
  10. I encourage the righties on li.st to be as vocal as the lefties. A truly accepting community needs us all