1. Oh good, we found the right tree!
    A man speaking to his wife when they looked up and saw the tree at Rockefeller Plaza.
  2. But it's okay, the weather in Brooklyn is different than in the city.
    Because it's cold here, so it must be balmy in Brooklyn? Should I buy a bikini?
  3. It's so bright up there! I bet all the locals hang out there!
    Times Square. Ugh....no.
  4. Honey, this is a train to Queens. You're going to need to dunk your whole baby in alcohol.
    Stranger watching a mom use a baby wipe to clean a toy on the 1 train.
  5. Im going to take that selfie stick and break it over your head!
    That was me. I said that.
  6. That Olive Garden two blocks over? It's having a New Year's Eve party. Tickets are $400.
    That's a lot of salad and breadsticks.