But, apparently, don't.
  1. It's not okay to walk three abreast on the sidewalk.
    Two is fine, as long as you aren't blocking the flow of traffic with your hand holding. We get it. You're in love. We're very happy for you, but we also need to get somewhere. Three is just not okay. Make room people.
  2. Saying the phrase "boys will be boys" is ridiculous.
    What does that even mean? Seriously. Explain it to me without sounding like you're stuck in some ancient time. Oh. Not possible? Interesting.
  3. The word rural shouldn't exist.
    It just shouldn't. It's difficult to say and no one can really do it- I say we vote to delete this word (and any emojis) from the dictionary. Who's with me?
  4. The server/bartender/host you just met is a human being.
    Treat them like one. Please, thank you, have a great day- all words and phrases you should feel comfortable using with other humans.
  5. Text book prices should never need three digits before the decimal. Ever.
    I just paid my monthly student loan bill and knowing a lot of it was because of text books kills me inside.
  6. Powdered creamer is an abomination.
    Powdered dairy anything is not okay. If you come at me with macaroni and cheese made with powder, we are no longer friends.
  7. Dogs are better than people AND puppies are cuter than babies.
    Except for yours, of course (winking emoji).