1. You're walking so well on the leash!
  2. Wait, are you eating something?
  3. Oh, it's another stick. Why do you love stick....
  4. That stick has a tail.
  5. Shit.
  6. And a foot.
  7. Let go! Let go!
  8. Ew- it's slimy!
  9. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Let go let go let go!!
  10. You're going to regret this.
  11. ....time passes...
  12. Yup. You're in a bathtub. And we're about to induce vomiting. I told you there would be regret.
  13. ....time passes...
  14. What's worse than your puppy eating a rat carcass? Having to dispose of it after it has been partially digested and then vomited. Into your tub.
  15. I need wine. And a shower. Glad you can sleep pupper.