Thoughts while trying to tear the rat carcass out of my puppy's mouth.

  1. You're walking so well on the leash!
  2. Wait, are you eating something?
  3. Oh, it's another stick. Why do you love stick....
  4. That stick has a tail.
  5. Shit.
  6. And a foot.
  7. Let go! Let go!
  8. Ew- it's slimy!
  9. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Let go let go let go!!
  10. You're going to regret this.
  11. ....time passes...
  12. Yup. You're in a bathtub. And we're about to induce vomiting. I told you there would be regret.
  13. ....time passes...
  14. What's worse than your puppy eating a rat carcass? Having to dispose of it after it has been partially digested and then vomited. Into your tub.
  15. I need wine. And a shower. Glad you can sleep pupper.