I don't know how you guys are randomly selecting photos but I went to collections, zoomed out to year, put my finger on a spot and then zoomed in to that spot and picked the photo.
  1. This is a badass aloha shirt I found but didn't buy at a Savers outside Waikiki. I bought like 400 other ones tho.*
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    *For some reason listapp hated this photo or something made my internet stop each time I tried to upload it so I had to screen cap it and then use that image. The pattern is too tight listapp can't handle.
  2. That's the shoulder of Stephanie on a beautiful but sweltering location on the set of the movie we were shooting. I can trust ListApp people to not like share these images or whatever? Being on this movie with insanely famous persons made me paranoid about paparazzi briefly which I now feel dumb about.
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  3. What is her name?! How could I have forgotten. This woman took two buses every night to get to Karaoke at Surfer the Bar at Turtle Bay. She packed up her whole life into two suitcases to move to Oahu one day from Seattle after having some health problems. MADELINE! Thank god I remembered. SHE is badasserie.
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  4. One day Mary Holland and I were watching a short film made by a friend on my laptop and this couple was adorable and across from us. I liked how they looked like ur typical Hawaii Fried Couple. Later they asked what we were watching.
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  5. I think this photo is why I had to assure everyone my randomness method was real bc I'm in a bikini. Mary, Stephanie Faracy and I were all drunk as fuck on the beach and had someone take this photo.
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