I'm super scared from watching It Follows so I imagine ways of undermining the premise or other things that would wreck the movie
  1. BMX Bikes
    What if the thing following you was on a BMX bike? Good luck.
  2. New York City
    You definitely could not see if something that looked like a person that was walking towards you in a city full of people walking towards you, some of whom also want to kill you bc they are nuts.
  3. Anyone from Snowpiercer being involved
    The thing that is following you is the front car of a train, and you're the last car of the train. If the train gets toooo long you are dead. And it's the future.
  4. SPAM
    It's not a horrifying vision of a person walking towards you its so just many emails that you kill yourself!
  5. Blow jobs
    Suggested by @videodrew
  6. They follow you, but only when you're in your car. They walk out in front of your car at the exact moment that it will ruin your life.