Fun list request, beej
  1. In movies when dogs know who the bad guy is and bark at them.
    When I was growing up my dog just knew who the black guy was (I think this is from when the house got broken into but still, broaden your worldview, dog!).
  2. Thanksgiving stuffed-ness
    LOVE When people are sooooo full and say something like "You better call me a cab so I can get out to the car!" I'm from Minnesota, so.
  3. Wine Paraphernalia
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    Anything with illustrated wine glasses or bottles on it with sayings about wine. Tea towels that say "Peace, Love and Wine" or Clocks that say "wine-thirty."
  4. Nerd Sayings
    Well, I don't know if this is a cliché but: Actual nerds, who are social maladjusts with an affinity for complex technologies, say things like "Ooooooookay?" And "Cool beans!" It's amazing and wonderful. Real nerds really don't give a shit what most of the world thinks.
  5. Rude Hipster Waitresses
    One time I went to Taix and this beautiful, tattooed waitress came over and very sleepily and contemptuously welcomed us, introduced herself and said she would be back with menus. And then she came back and said the exact same thing again. So fried.
  6. "Whatever he Told You, He's Lying!"
    I like when east coast old timers say some loud variation of "All good things, I hope!" When someone introduces them and the introduct-ee says they've heard all about them from the mutual friend.