I'm a proud 34 today. Here's what I got so far.
  1. Wells Fargo Atm Wishes
    The card is not referring to a birthday card!
  2. A Teapot (probably) from my adorable friend Courtney
    Look at that wrapping paper. That box obviously contains a teapot.
  3. Flowers from Courntey
    Is Courtney in love with me?
  4. W33D from friend Erin
    I rarely get high but I feel like I should have the option. Also it's Summah!
  5. Signed (?) Justin Bieber hologram from my Dad
    Fun fact: I am estranged from my father. But that's another list entirely. I almost threw this fedex box away and I'm glad I didn't.
  6. Mad Max ticket from Jim
    Lemme get dat bday Tom Hardy helping
  7. Texts from aunt desperately begging me for gift ideas