I'm hungover from the sweet nectar of Goodwife and Gilmore Girls and I HATED Peaky Blinders.
  1. The Americans?
  2. Orphan Black?
  3. Any other suggestions are helpful. Have you guys seen the OG prime suspect? I need to list about it bc nothing has topped it for me in terms of acting and quality.
  4. I'm thinking Jessica Jones is looking pretty tight right now bc I loved Buffy the most of all everything and I want to believe there's a similar vibe with JJ.
  5. Jessica Jones first, then Orphan Black. The Americans is definitely worth watching, but I would save it for a time when you're sick or glued to the couch for another reason.
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
  6. Absolutely Jessica Jones. Orphan Black is great as well. Between those two and almost any other Netflix original, you can't go wrong. I'm waiting for season 2 of Bloodline which comes out next weekend!
    Suggested by @That_Girl
  7. Outlander ALWAYS
    Suggested by @ltoiaivao
  8. You've probably already seen them but Veronica Mars or Wonderfalls both have a bit of a Buffy vibe to them.
    Suggested by @eatthelove