Listpired by @keonovak and @Lilysaltz
  1. Contouring
  2. Ppl who "hate cats"
    Ok, this is something I call catism and it's wrong. So many cats, some good, some great, some nightmarish. Get an education.
  3. Wedding magazines
  4. Cool children
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    Like babies that are just killing it style wise. Like have a goddamn childhood!
  5. People on my street that take up two parking spots with their dumb car
    Parking is like water in my neighborhood in that it's precious and we all need to do our part. So guess what, Honda Fit? You're small. Pull forward. Jesus it you're car is actually called FIT.
  6. Tinder
  7. Men who don't dance
    You better be like IN the hospital
  8. Plastic bags
  9. Plastic flatware
  10. Movies where a comedy dude is with an inexplicably hot woman
    This and the ubiquity of this
  11. Salted caramel fucking all up in every space
  12. Shonda Rimes right now
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