I wrote about some good things about heartbreak in a previous list. But did you know you could break up with someone more than once and it gets harder every time? Science.
  1. I'm worried I'm not good enough to date people I actually like.
    Like I'm too needy or selfish and I destroy things because I'm insecure?
  2. Or, maybe I am attracted to people who can't love me.
    Amirite ladies.
  3. He's dating someone already and it's that girl from his baseball team.
    The one that doesn't have a boyfriend. This is scary because I like her and I feel so shitty right now that I would definitely go out with her instead of me if I were anyone.
  4. He is in love with the other girl that does have a boyfriend and that's why he's done with me.
    I mean, when your self esteem is in a ditch, you get to imagine all the terrifying scenarios
  5. Online dating
    I've never done it and I'm terrified of it beyond measure. It goes online dating, getting murdered, getting lost in space a la Gravity in the fears list. Like space sounds sorta fun in comparison.
  6. You always know, or you should know, that at some point you will feel better.
    But that doesn't change the ticker at the bottom of your your mind screen that this is forever...you'll be alone forever...you will never be loved...and it's because you're a bad driver...what was that last one?
  7. My friends are even throwing in the towel
    I've broken up with this man not kidding FIVE times. My friends are going to abandon me because why get invested in this plot line?