And cannot get behind. In order of most WTF
  1. Old dipshits driving muscle cars very slowly
    It's a sports car, like a Corvette or a Miata, and it's in front of you going 30mph. Rich man can afford to buy car that costs roughly the price of a small island, then is afraid to drive the car (a sports car which arguably the whole point is to speed in) faster than 5 miles below the speed limit. Please follow gps to edge of cliff and proceed forward.
  2. Pedestrian behavior in crosswalks
    At first I thought people in LA just didn't know how to behave while walking bc it's weird to do so, but now I think pedestrians deliberately take it slow in crosswalks as though savoring their time occupying car territory. I have seen someone read a book while walking in a crosswalk.
  3. Plastic surgery
    It's real and it's ongoing and in Los Angeles it's not subtle at all. It's a status symbol, methinks. I don't even know if it's bad because I think there are a sect of rich people that actually prefer the faces of their friends and lovers to look like weird masks.
  4. Billboards for DJ's
    Um, if you find out about a party because of a billboard you are not at a good party.
  5. Action movie star body as norm
    For real in Minnesota this would be really attractive if someone was muscular but in Los Angeles everyone looks like an avenger and almost no one reads. No thanks.