Is this dude next to me masturbating?
  1. It's very cold and he has a blanket on his lap
    But he's like rhythmically scratching or rubbing something underneath it!
  2. I keep giving him looks
    I am trapped
  3. I love being a woman
    But I hate being a woman in public
  4. The food is coming out and he stopped
    For now. What if he starts up again? What do I do?
  5. Even if he's not masturbating
    how is he mindlessly doing something that even sort of looks like masturbating???? Like how do you go around in the world like that?
  6. Men, this is why we hate you. This is why we never trust you.
    Being in this position is something you will never understand. Even I am socialized to accept certain amounts of humiliation in order to prioritize men's feelings.