The lobby bar at Turtle Bay on Oahu's north shore has a pretty deep Sunday night karaoke. Here's the songs people liked to sing the most
  1. Jesus Take the Wheel
    So, so often.
  2. Jolene
    Sing 2x by Mary Holland, with so much feeling and pain that everyone stopped ordering Mai Tais for a second.
  3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwoʻole version
    You cannot go anywhere in Hawaii without hearing this song constantly all day and night. It is the anthem of Hawaii and very important to tourism somehow.
  4. Ho Hey by the Lumineers
    The karaoke lady would sing this song beautifully on a regular basis and I'd just cry.
  5. Uptown Funk
    At the end of every Karaoke night, the owners would play the video of this song and the life-altering goodness of Bruno Mars would mesmerize all us drunks. Too hot!