I went to eat lunch by myself and the waiter was so handsome I thought it was going to ruin my meal.
  1. Like I can't eat in front of this guy
  2. I tried to take a pictures of him to text my friend and noticed I didn't like his shoes.
  3. She begged me to leave my number. I said I would do it for Samantha Jones.
  4. He checked on me to see how I was doing like 3 more times than is normal. So I left my number in the bill on some receipt from my bag.
  5. I walked away laughing maniacally by myself.
  6. Two days later he texted me. We went to get a drink the following night.
  7. He was 7 years younger than me. He was pretty nice, but his favorite television show was Oz.
  8. The receipt I wrote my number on was pretty likely for a morning after pill from CVS but I don't think he looked at it.