1. I hate sprint. So I have sprint. Most of the time I get a type of service called "1x" which only lets thru texts from my most annoying aunt.
  2. The background photo is from Monument Valley
    It's fine.
  3. There's too many apps
    Two full pages and also folders? Come on, Wetterlund. Get your shit together!
  4. Page 3
    Periodically I go through and organize the new apps into their places and stress out about it, these are the ones that are new and haven't been to their homes yet.
  5. Health
    If there's a type of personality that has the health app touching the snapchat, that's me. It just feels wrong.
  6. Diaries
    I have two annoying journaling apps. This is the older one and it's still on the front page. I moved to a newer one that has a desktop companion you have to buy (I hate $$$) but also comes with many terrifying share buttons that threaten to expose all my secrets.
  7. Inbox
    Have you made the switch!? Here's my complaint about the new inbox app for gmail- threads that are long make it impossible to scroll to the newest messages. When you expand the thread you gotta scroll way down and that last swipe is also the same action used to collapse the thread again. Lame!