I wish there were photos, I'm sorry to be that guy
  1. Cookie Monster
    Circa 2011. I got in a fight wearing this home made two parter where you look thru the mouth hole.
  2. Fairy Princess cat
    Always wanted to reprise this genius ensemble of my early years. Wings, check. Tiara, check. Ears, check. 'Tude? Oh you know it's a check.
  3. Twins
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    My friend Charlotte and I wore the same outfit because everyone said we looked similar, which I think is already weird bc you're going to people's houses being like "we're dressing up as having been in the same uterus but that's it!" Additionally the only thing we could find was a chains and jewels print track jacket. Everyone was so confused.
  4. Peter Pan
    I almost didn't get to go trick or treating because I didn't get my homework done and I remember being like "the world needs to SEE THIS!"
  5. All time best costume: Donut Hut Sluts
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    From the Classic Chris Farley SNL Gap Girls sketch. Home made donut scrunchies. I couldn't find a photo of both myself and friend donning these costumes but you get it