See my previous list "shitty things about my ex" if you want back story.
  1. We haven't spoken in a couple weeks because I told him I needed space after our break up.
  2. I get this text, so I finally call him.
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  3. He picks up and YELLS "Yeah, I mean, come on. This is stupid, I'm not goin to go through other people to talk to you. I just need to get this stuff figured out.*"
    *"this stuff" is in regards to the recreational baseball league he started that consumes his every waking thought. I have a team on the league and I've put someone else in charge of it and I guess it's too confusing.
  4. Me: "What? Calm down, just--"
  5. Him: "I am calm! It's just, come on, this is stupid!"
  6. Me: "I'm sick and I don't need this right now. Can you just be friendly to me--"
  7. Him: "I'm always friendly to you!"
  8. Me: "Okay. Well can you just talk to me about what you wanna talk about?"
  9. Then we go back and forth about the team. I tell him again the person that I appointed to deal with this stuff and he says ok.
  10. Him: "Sorry you're sick. How are you doing other wise."
  11. We talk about some stuff I'm dealing with at work, he tells me he's doing great at that his album is almost done.
  12. Me: "That's awesome. Anyway I'm really not in a good place with it so I'd appreciate if you gave me space right now."
  13. Him: "Okay..."
  14. Me: "Alright, take care."
  15. Him. "I will..."
  16. Me: "Bye."
  17. Hang up