Listspired by @jansonebwoodlee 💔 list abt his ex. Except I needed short list of things about my last boyfriend that I can refer to whenever I'm missing him which is still too often.
  1. Music snob
    He was such a music snob that he would veto almost everything all of the time. I don't like most pop music or radio stuff and I think it's terrible, but like he would literally turn off the radio when I was listening to something recorded after 1995.
  2. Chopsticks
    When we went to any Japanese restaurant he would pour soy sauce into the little dish and then dip his chopsticks in it repeatedly and then lick the soy sauce off them. Also, he told me it really bothered him if I chewed with my mouth open.
  3. No help
    He rarely helped me carry things or picked up after himself, and he was a VERY messy person. It was a subject of one of our recurring fights. In fact I paid him to paint my apartment and he never completed the task.
  4. Snoring
    He snored SO loud that I was worried about his health, and it also meant I never got any sleep when we slept over.
  5. Icy glare
    I'm someone who jokes around a lot. He thought I was really funny, but then many times when he didn't like a joke he would coldly stare at me. This was supposed to be a joke in itself, so I wasn't supposed to be annoyed by it. It got really old.
  6. Crazy
    He called me crazy a lot. Like, I kind of think crazy is a derogatory term when it's applied to women, because it's used to label negative emotional states on the reg and gaslight. This was so hurtful and triggering that we had many discussions about it and he would still find a way to say it to me.
  7. Defensive
    All our fights turned explosive almost immediately because he was so defensive and unwilling to listen if I was upset with him that he would sometimes just hang up on me. Every time I had a problem with something he did, we couldn't talk about it until I wasn't upset anymore because my reaction to the thing he did became the subject of the fight. He said I had a problem controlling my emotions if something didn't go my way.