I have been married and divorced, cheated on and lied to and I'm a better person because of all of it. I wanted to list some valuable things heartbreak can teach us, since I got dumped a week ago.
  1. Superiority
    I feel jealous of happy couples, but also mystified by them. It's like being in a bubble where you know the truth about life, that everything falls apart and true stability is an illusion, and the whole rest of the world is just holding hands at farmers markets. Letting go of your picture-perfect ideal partnership is intensely freeing.
  2. Vulnerability
    When you're heart is broken you're unable to shield yourself from anything and you're very present. It leads to a lot of public crying, but also a ton of creative energy and heightened perception of your environment. There is no better time to reconnect with yourself and your world.
  3. Friends
    I have ignored them for so long so that I could tend to my terrible, forever crumbling relationship, why are they hanging so hard? Because they are rad.
  4. Compassion
    Seeing people happy and in love can be hard, but when you're own heart is broken, you are more prepared to see other people's pain and empathize deeply. Everyone wants to love and be loved, and everyone feels scared. A good way to live life is to remember that truth, and heartbreak helps you see that most clearly.
  5. 0 Fucks
    This is one of my favorite things about getting my heart stomped on. You stop giving any fucks about keeping up appearances. And I had precious little fucks to give in the first place.
  6. Music
    It doesn't matter what type of music you like, the best songs are always about heartbreak. And right now, they are all about you. Once after a bad breakup I went to a karaoke night and I gave the DJ $30 and said "I'm going through a thing and I'm gonna need to sing about it." I feel very lucky that that DJ went with it.