*Mostly* people that are real under the radar, to see them perform you gotta go to craptastic underground shows in LA and NY, with the exception of Aparna and Beth and Jesse who have been on TV.
  1. Aparna Nancherla
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    You may have heard of her already but she's one of my favorite people to watch. She's recording her first album at Union Hall on June 2 so b coo.
  2. Allen Strickland Williams
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    Mostly goofy one liners but he has a very charming, old-soul vibe and dresses like a grandpa but in a good way.
  3. Kate Berlant
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    If you been sleepin on KB pretend you weren't. If you don't get her I feel bad for you. She's like if TED talks were on a cruise ship for divorced Kaballists.
  4. Beth Stelling
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    Same, you have maybe heard of her but if not go see her she's a killer. Chicago area native which is a plus in my book.
  5. Shane Torres
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    Ian Karmel (another fabulous Portland stand-up) and I were lamenting losing him to NY. Whyyyyy. He is a great comic and person.
  6. Jesse Popp
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    He has an album out and is working on another one, but he's not super famous and maybe never will be, he doesn't seem that interested in getting big. He's every NY comics favorite comic, for good reason.
  7. Clare O'Kane
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    She's an LA comic who none of you have heard of. Refreshing and crushable from all angles. Really though you guys need to go to more shitty stand up shows in the back of bookstores what do you want from me.