Sorry, man next to me

I was so tired when I hated on you in a before. I owe you a nice one.
  1. You are so productive on your laptop while also watching 2 movies!
    Good for you. What if I leaned over and whispered: "How do you do it all?"
  2. You ordered apple juice
    My first word was "juice" and I wasn't talking about no cranberry. Let's make this work.
  3. The icons on your laptop are large.
    Leads me to believe you don't have the ability to adjust them. Let me help.
  4. I'm listening to Young Thug
    The new album. Do you like YT?
  5. You just cradled your face in your hands
    Is the email not going well? Looks great to me. You're saying what you need to say.
  6. Did you go to the bathroom without disturbing me
    Even though I'm in the aisle and had my feet up? What are you, a ninja? High five, dude.
  7. Sorry about before.