I hope I don't offend too many people, here. Jus bein honest.
  1. Captain Jean Luc Picard
    Is a great character, captain, and man. I am giving him a pass with how quickly he recovered from being sucked into another ENTIRE LIFETIME in The Inner Light (hate that ep), but those deep V-neck pj's tho.
  2. Commander Data
    Data is so clearly the best at everything, that it's fun to watch episodes where they try to let other people do things when Data could easily figure it all out. Therefore episodes when Data is off his game hit even harder. "Phantasms," and "The Offspring" are killer data Eps.
  3. Beverly Crusher
    My love for Dr. Crusher is really more an ode to Gates McFadden, who helped make The Good Doctor a full character and insisted that the TNG writers create more storylines involving women as more than just Hoo-ha button pressers and love interests for the mens aboard the Enterprise.
  4. Geordi La Forge
    Geordi works in engineering and is very nerdy, and like most nerds he can be bitchy about his "area." My favorite thing about him tho is that he is the only one that treats Data like a person. Like, he actually seems to forget on a regular basis that Data isn't human. "Data, it was a JOKE!" Still an android, Geordi.
  5. Commander Riker
    They made him be Canadian just to take the edge off. What has not been said about Riker? Unable to sit down normally, slayin' that interspecies puss on Risa. Riker was like a more hapless version of Captain Kirk which is why he rules.
  6. Guinan
    Whoopi! An ancient being with a knowing smile that has a special, mysterious connection to Picard and can also pour a mean Arcturian Fizz? I'm in.
  7. Wesley Crusher
    He wasn't so bad! They were lazy with the character, but everyone says he never did anything but he bagged Ashley Judd and also figured out a ton of cool science crap that the unimaginative adults were too busy being stuffy to notice.
  8. Lt. Barclay
    He was a guest star really like Guinan but he was a cool character. Delicate as a lily in spring, he was terrified of everything but did you know that he was a cat person? Fun fact: Data's cat, Spot, was partial to only two people aboard the Enterprise and Barclay was one of them.
  9. Counselor Troi
    Enough with the chocolate sundaes! I'm not sure what anyone was thinking with this character. Well, a bunch of sexist sci-fi geeks wrote her so we all know what they were thinking, but a high-ranking empath on the bridge is such a missed opportunity for cool storylines. Just think if it were a dude how awesome and duplicitous he would be all the time. Instead she's like "Captain, I'm sensing...titties." Still, with a mom like Lwaxana Troi you gotta give her some slack.
  10. Lt. Commander Worf
    I breeze past a Klingon-centric ep like it ain't no thang, but also this is just such a flimsy character. He is supposed to have been raised by humans, but notice how when there is any conflict WHATSOEVER Worf is in the background brandishing a Bat'leth like "we must do battle!" And everyone's like "Um, maybe." We get it, you like war and shit.