I travel constantly so here's me keeping things in perspective. None of these things are as infuriating as the National Rifle Association
  1. People who bring full size pillows onto the plane
    It doesn't make anyone more comfortable. No one.
  2. When a road sign is too far or too close to an exit, especially directing you to car rental place.
  3. DFW airport
    No one that works here likes their job or likes thinking about what their job might actually entail.
  4. When first class is only old white men
  5. When there are toddlers in first class
    I get it but like can't you hold them in your lap since you have a goddamn bench at your disposal??? Also, what if there was like a pull-down hammock for them. Let's just think of real solutions.
  6. Putting chicken on salads is totally optional. It's not like illegal to have a salad without grilled chicken on it, airports.
  7. People who stand in the middle of the moving walkways or escalators even though there are always signs telling you to stand on the right.
  8. At the airport in Chattanooga they were playing Fox News on all the screens.
    This is sort of the same as the NRA problem. Look FOX News is propaganda, not news, and you shouldn't show it in a public space.