A list of my personal fears for today, prompted by lack of sleep.
  1. Cat worries
    Cats would not allow me to sleep, which made me so mad I wanted to strangle. I have the best cats and would never do such a thing, but what if someone had worse cats? Would they hurt the cats?
  2. Neil Patrick Harris
    Was so bad at the Oscars. It felt like someone sabotaged him. I hope he is doing okay about it
  3. Avocado Toast
    At this place by my house. It's a perfectly toasted bagel with guacamole, tomato and sprouts and the most amazing chimchurri type salsa. Everything else at this place is so expensive, but this is slightly less so. If they start charging more, I won't be able to justify coming here.
  4. Friend
    Will she get her life together? Will she be okay?
  5. Receptecal
    My iPhone autocorrect/ spell check sometimes can't identify a word I'm trying to type and I don't understand why. Receptecal is not replaced by receptacle. And also it thinks 'j' is a word since I typed it instead of 'I' a bunch. Metaphor for the burden technology has placed on our lives?
  6. House
    I literally think about fixing things in my house as often as an adolescent straight boy thinks about boobs. But then I just buy a bunch of shit and then nothing gets done. No one else knows how to do things the way I want them. I wish I cared about these things way less.
  7. Kids
    Why do well-off people insist on reproducing so often when adoption is possible. We are fucked!
  8. Exercise
    How can I make daily physical activity a part of my actual life. I feel like my knees are angry with me.