I sometimes need images like this for freelance work, so I have instincts to take them. I back up & erase many photos, but I always manually delete - guess these ones were some I decided to keep on my phone. Weirdly, I kinda feel like I can see the seasons happening. ✌🏼️
  1. January - Wood fence with worn paint in my home town
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  2. January - More wood fence with worn BLUE paint in my home town.
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  3. February - Asphalt with stain that I joked was my shadow, on the street I grew up on
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  4. February - Bushes outside of my parents' home
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  5. March - Bugs on my car after driving from the Bay Area to LA down 5 in the spring
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  6. April - Wallpaper at Disneyland
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  7. May - Wallpaper at Santa Anita race track
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  8. June - Static on TVs at Break Room 86
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  9. July - Bougainvillea outside of Dylan's house (my LA sometimes-house)
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  10. August - Glittery motorcycle finish in Venice. Only reason to have a motorcycle would be the aesthetic.
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  11. September - Walls at The Line LA where I took a staycation with my then bf
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  12. October - Moss on a gravestone at a secret cemetery near my home town
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  13. November - Fall sunset shadows on the curtains in my parents' home
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  14. December - Paper with feather pattern that I put on the floor of a store in Portland to take last week. Sorry, store.
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