We're all talking about how the Oscars are so white. But they're also so male. It might be easier to overlook, because women have a kind of 'affirmative action' in place where special categories force a situation where women are automatically nominated for some awards. But let's celebrate the Oscars and look beyond that... at some fun graphs!
  1. There are coveted awards that don't specify that a woman must receive them. I'm SURE they are nonetheless equally represented! Looks good! Yay women!
  2. As you can see, those nomination statistics seem to correlate with studies that show the number of women being given the opportunity to work behind the camera in these roles. The odds are good!
  3. And when women are behind the camera, they have better acting opportunities - so those stats are obviously great, too. I bet if there weren't specific female Oscar categories, women would still be picking up equal recognition. Right?
    This behind/in-front-of correlation is shown in this study:
  4. And of course, you guessed it - people who are not white, also get a lot of wonderful opportunity behind the camera - ESPECIALLY women.
  5. And like I said, there's a correlation to opportunities in front of the camera - so, that is ALSO GREAT for people who are not white!
  6. Anyhow no clue why award nominations look like they do this/every year. But it's certainly not lack of opportunity.
  7. Let's understand where the snubs are happening. The Academy did acknowledge they are so white and so male (over 70% white male - will they make changes?). But so is everything else. They vote on the already so-white films.
  8. Let's not forget Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon were both nominated for roles where they were basically white and male and totally alone being those things. That is not going to inspire studios to make changes.
    I made this image. By putting together 2 of the first images I found searching the movie titles 😂
  9. Women and people of color are not facing the exact same battle, here, but I believe they can make change along side one another, lift one another up, empower one another, and change the story together.
    aka - work together on a look that's notsowhitemale
  10. Women of color (neither white nor male) did not even have the honor - the opportunity - of being snubbed, like Idris Elba or Michael B. Jordan. It makes me think of Viola Davis' Emmy acceptance speech.
  11. Viola Davis was the first African-American to win an Emmy for best actress in a drama. She said this, in her moving acceptance speech.
  12. You can't even be nominated, if the roles aren't there, let alone win. There isn't a 'Best Directing by a Woman of Color' award at the Oscars. So, the idea is to push to create what makes that possible, without the existence of that category. Let's do this.
  13. Where I got these graphs:
    I collected these graphs and such in December, and have been waiting to share them for the Oscars! You can find the study from which I extracted most of them here: AND you can find similar numbers here from the Geena Davis institute: