I watched lotsa docs in 2015! (You too!?) I heard no buzz about these 7 films, or that they were on Netflix. I just took a chance & found they were worth the watch. I could be wrong, but it seems these ones could use an extra push, so I'm pushing! They're not all new, but as of now, all still available to watch instantly ☺️
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    I watched this days after it was available with no knowledge of what it was. Twinsters reminds you how strange, magical & completely bizarre a real-life story can be. To my dismay, it made me feel affection for 'the internet' & the wonderful things that can be born of its ability to connect people. The story is pretty incredible; both light and heavy. Also, I now want to adopt everybody? EVERYBODY! GREAT I am now crying writing about it. Please watch it so I'm not alone. πŸ˜‚
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    I watched The True Cost, to curb my habit of buying garbage Forever 21 clothes & the like. It's interesting, informative and heartbreaking. I strive to be aware of my choices & the greater impact of OUR global choices. I knew I was making irresponsible choices - but a nice, encouraging documentary really helps me to connect and be mindful about something. I've not F-21'd since watching this. I ask myself is this WORTH it? And I think beyond the low price on the tag.
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    For some reason, this sat in my list for so long- maybe because it felt like I HAD to watch it. Finally, I did. Yes, there was the music/feminist movement doc that I'd expected, but I also discovered an in-depth look at another aspect of Kathleen's life. What felt like the most important part, is a very inspiring story for someone like myself, who battles chronic pain & wants to push through it and be creative despite the often crippling challenges. This is not just a riot grrrl history req.
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    I like when the documentarian tries to let the story exist & doesn't seem to have dramatized how terrible things are, or attempted to tie them up in a sexy package. I think Rich Hill does this. We meet some families & focus on some young boys trying to come up in nowhere-USA with various personal challenges. One boy, despite having almost nothing & being hit with disappointment again & again, continues to be filled with love & see hope in the world. If he doesn't make you feel thankful, uSuck?😝
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    When I was young, my dad worked at Atari & he recalls our (still) family friend was one of the project managers on the game around which this doc focuses. I was shaped by the concept of Atari & am preloaded with feelings about it & its decline. SO, the full meaning this title had for me, may not translate. Still, I didn't really know this story, previously & it is weird and cool and sad and strange. Also, you learn about landfills & passionate people, and Atari drama & shamed game designers.
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    What the f? Who knew about this strange, grueling test & the way it can make you or break you & basically totally crush your dreams (grape joke?). I watched, thinking - sure - I like wine - BUT GOOD GOD OF GRAPES this is so specific and intense! You probably aren't looking at this title and thinking it is emotional but I totally cried. Everyone is crying. Honestly, the sheer disbelief I feel for how someone ends up focusing on such a craft, is a feeling that is worth something.
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    Deep Water http://www.netflix.com/title/70075820 (*I did not first discover this movie on Netflix. I saw a trailer for it at the Nuart when I saw This is England (06?/07?) & was sold!)
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    I saw Deep Water at the Nuart & bought the DVD when it came out (which, if you get really into the story, I recommend buying- it has cool extras). I saw Deep Water become available in the past fewish months on Netflix so showed it to a pal. It is a wild story & well done film. To see such a strange unraveling of the human mind, is truly fascinating, frightening, & tragic. Especially, realizing there is so little keeping our minds from spinning into a similar spiral. Find the trailer & watch it!